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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Class Wrap up

Project 1 is scheduled to be loaded into the Bisque on Jan 25. That mean the projects have been drying for at least three days.

Door Code 426* (access to building is 24 hours, if another class is in session you can work in the glaze lab) Schedule of room availability will be posted on class door by the end of the week.

On Monday the 11th you must have one clay ticket, purchased from the book store, sketchbook, tools and be ready to work the entire class period.

excerpt from syllabus:


Clay: Terracotta, pay at the bookstore, pick up clay from instructor or ceramics lab technician.

Clay is $9.50 per 25 lb. bag. You will also need to pay a $35 lab fee at the bookstore.

Required: bound sketchbook (8 ½” x 11”), toolbox or caddie w/your name on it, lock for locker, sponge, needle tool, cut-off wire, fettling knife, ribs: (flexible metal, serrated, rubber kidney), scoring tool, carving tools, ruler, assorted brushes, plastic to cover work in progress, dust mask (disposable type), spray bottle, shop towel, small bucket

Optional: apron or large shirt, scissors, small containers with lids (e.g. recycled yogurt containers, etc.)

You can find tools at Central Florida Office Supply located on University Avenue, the UF Bookstore, Michael’s on Archer Road, hardware stores, and lying around your kitchen. As the semester progresses, you might want commercial underglazes or glazes, however these products are not required. You can find a wide range of commercial products at Frazier Ceramics, 8601 SW Williston Road, (352) 372-1506.

Please have tools and a receipt for at least one bag of clay by the second class meeting."

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